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Cactus Lovers Pin Button

Cactus Lovers Pin Button

1.50 EUR
Are you a succulent lover? Do you like to wear badges or decorate your fridge with magnets?  Show the world your love for cactus  with this little 38 mm badge. The magnetic can be put on a magnetic door of a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. The badge/pin can be wear on your clothes or bags.

- One 38 mm Badge/Pin or Magnetic
- In the last image you can see the back of it.
- This item is made to order

Buttons and Magnetic when purchased alone might be shipped in regular envelopes wrapped in bubble wrap.

I value the handmade process, everything you find in Nuts for Paper products are cut and assemble by hand. The drawings, patterns and illustrations are originals and unique for the Nuts for Paper brand.Nuts for Paper products are unique and one of a kind, if you wish something different just drop me a line.

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